We like to highlight some of the most avid and loyal Golfshot members out there. Say hello to Tom Anderson of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, a Golfshot member since 2009!


Handicap: 10.3

Home Course: Diamond Run Golf Club, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

If you could play a round with any pro, who would it be?

"It would be an honor to play with Jordan Spieth."

What do you love about Golfshot?

"I really like the Apple Watch integration. In one look at the watch, I get all key information: yardage, hole number, par, even hole handicap. Your app has made the watch useful."

How did you get into golf?

"I didn't start playing golf until I was about 38, when my wife suggested we start. We were launching a new business and realized how many deals are done on the golf course. Since then, I have been addicted, and my wife says she made herself her own golf widow. Golf is truly the greatest game, I play as much as I can and I've convinced many friends to take up the sport. The beauty of golf is all levels can play together and have a great time."