Golfshot Partners with the IAGA and SRGAs for Integrated Handicap Index® Scoring and Much More

Golfshot has partnered with the IAGA and State and Regional Golf Associations (SRGAs) to bring easy, in-app Handicap Index® tracking, score posting in connection with golf clubs from these associations that use the GHIN® service for issuance of a Handicap Index®. Golfshot is already working with the NCGA, SCGA, WSGA, and AGA to bring the efficiency of an integrated and customized solution that comes with being GHIN compatible.

Golfshot has over one million members in the U.S. and through these partnerships is able to give associations access to a whole new golf audience, while providing valuable technology and benefits for their members. Association members can link an existing Handicap Index® to Golfshot, or purchase a new GHIN® Account online or in-app, and have it automatically linked to the Golfshot app.

Associations are also able to drive new memberships via the Golfshot audience and provide new value to their members through Golfshot’s seamless and easy-to-use app integration. Golfshot is able to customize purchase flows, communications, and management processes to meet the needs of each association.

No other golf GPS app works directly with the USGA® and SRGAs to facilitate integrated Handicap Index® score posting and new GHIN® Account purchases in-app and online for the SRGAs.

Here’s what the NCGA, SCGA, WSGA and the AGA have to say about partnering with Golfshot:


We want to provide our members with a better solution for managing their golf game and needed an innovative partner to do so.! In came Golfshot. Their market-leading features and seamless integration of tee times and USGA® Handicaps made them the obvious choice to provide our members a whole new golf experience with Golfshot Pro. -- Joe Huston, Executive Director, NCGA


We know that golf apps are becoming the standard for golfers seeking to track individual stats, post rounds and improve their golf game. Golfshot's unique ability to quickly and easily collect data and provide in-game, hole-by-hole information adds tremendous value and fun to the golfer's experience. Integration of an SCGA member's handicap and posting ability was icing on the cake. We look forward to a very successful partnership with Golfshot Pro and we encourage our members to give the app a try. They won't be disappointed! -- Kevin Heaney, Executive Director, SCGA


The Golfshot app provides a great service, helping golfers better their game like a caddy, right on the course with them every step of the way. Golfshot Pro allows golfers to track their Handicap Index® in an incredibly seamless way, and we are excited to extend this to our WSGA members. Golfers all across the state of Washington and Northern Idaho should definitely give Golfshot Pro a try, they won’t regret it! -- Shari Jacobson, Director of Membership and Club Relations, WSGA


Golfshot is a new AGA partner with a great app for all golfers. Whether its hole-by-hole information while playing or having data collected for game analysis, it makes the round more interesting. We’re integrating and sharing information to enhance the golfer’s experience! -- Ed Gowan, Executive Director, AGA

To learn more about becoming a partner of Golfshot or get more information, please contact Alex Flores, VP Marketing and Partnerships. Golfshot will also be in attendance at the 51st Annual IAGA Conference on November 5-8 for in-person discussions.