Did you Know? 6 Golfshot Features You Might Not be Using

Golfshot is the most comprehensive golf app on the market. This means we provide the most features that golfers desire, all in one place. As a Golfshot member, there are probably one or two in-app features you don’t even know about, or have never used before. If you know these features like the back of your hand, great! If not, consider this some enlightening education.

1. You can search & *book tee times for less with Golfshot

Maybe you’re used to booking your tee times through your favorite course. But you could be saving money, and you could be exploring local courses you’ve never played before if you book with Golfshot. Book on Golfshot.com, or tap the Tee Times button at the bottom of your Golfshot app and browse hundreds of tee times near you. When you become a Pro member, you get $20 off a Hot Deal tee time booked with Golfshot. That could be a free tee time right there! Share tee times you found with your friends to organize your next round! *Tee times are available in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.


2. Prepare for your round before you get to the course with full course flyover videos

We have over 40,000 courses and 500,000 holes mapped worldwide. Before you play your next round, check it out by tapping Course Preview on the home screen of your Golfshot app. Select a course and tap Course Flyover. You can speed through the previews by swiping from hole to hole or selecting a hole at the bottom of the screen. In the Course Details menu, you can also view more information about the course in our new Course Directory!


3. Track and post to your Handicap Index® with Golfshot

U.S. members can post a score directly to your Handicap Index® right after your round, or add previous scorecards. Link your existing GHIN® Number or purchase one through Golfshot for $65/year. You will find this is a lot easier than going to the kiosks and entering from your paper scorecards. Keep all your golf in one place!

4. Share your rounds, tracked shots, tee times and more

If you don't share your best shots or rounds with anyone, did it ever really happen? You deserve to share your improvements on the course, so next time you track a huge shot off the teebox, tap that share button and let someone know.

Easily round up your next foursome by sharing tee time options with your golf buddies. The possibilities are endless!


5. Course information seem off? Send us an updated scorecard

We need you to let us know when your course has made changes. Our team is consistently working on keeping the course database as updated as possible, so if you notice any hole information being off, let us know! Open up the Round Menu during your round and select "Send Updated Scorecard", or go into "Course Preview" from the home screen, select a course and tap "Send Updated Scorecard." We typically update courses within 1-2 days. You can also keep track of our weekly course update report on our blog.


6. Explore your statistics

You can filter your statistics by course, by date, and by last rounds played. You can also see a visual of your improvement by selecting the graph button at the top of each statistics category. When you tap the graph, you can see the exact round and date in which changes in your performance occurred.


Remember, if you have any questions about these features, you can contact our awesome support team at support@golfshot.com.