Our customer support team is always hard at work keeping our database of over 40,000 courses up-to-date to ensure you are always able to play your best golf with Golfshot.

Here’s a look at some of our most popular golf courses that have been updated as well as new courses added over the past week:


Have you synced your courses lately?

To ensure you have access to the most current Golfshot course data, make sure you occasionally sync the course data for the regions where you play golf.

For iOS users, Go to Settings > Sync Regions > Check that you have the regions you want synced switched on > Press Sync

For Android users, Go to Settings > Courses > Switch OFF and ON the regions you would like synced

Need to request an Update?

Is your course’s scorecard information out of date? Do your Hole or Course Previews need to be re-mapped? If your course needs attention, please let us know and we’ll get your course updated as soon as possible: Request a Course Update Here